Shree Shamrao Patil Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary school established was 2015 To promote teaching education the healthy and peaceful environment of this college provides myriad opportunities to young boys and girls to face the challenges of the 21st century.

              We provide the all faculties our school English, Semi, Marathi medium for students all students are participated in various events, the learners presented a spectacular show of yoga and demonstrated material art from Sikai Martial Art and also performed well in resulting by the state level. We provide majorly outdoor sports were played and conducted based on age groups, gender, body weight etc. we have special academy for cricket. It has spacious school ground. The students were lined up. There were several sports events such as high jump, long jump, pole vault, 100 mtr. Race we got many prizes in various sports competitions.

              A vision without a task is dream a task without a vision. Vision can change the world our vision at Shree Shamrao Patil Primary & Secondary School is to turn mirrors in to window where we get to see the brighter students.

              We perceive to inspire and enthuse children to develop them into well-rounded confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential we give them a creative centre for their growth.

              Our school excellent state board class 10th result as always filled us with pride and fill honour to mention that we had 100% result from every academic year.

Key Features

  • Preparation for residensial academic, pre NDA, pre army, pre JEE, NEET.
  • Participate all the students to various competitions.
  • Well resourced computer.
  • 24x7 school securities.

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